Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Partnership Made in Heaven.

I wish I could claim that this combination of plants was the result of years of experience, but like many successful garden pairings, this was a complete accident.
The slowly maturing gasplant, shown in the first picture is described by one grower as Dictamnus tadzhikorum and by another as Dictamnus albus turkestanicus 'Silent Thunder'. Both agree that it was from seed originally collected by Josef Halda in Tajikistan and distinctly different from D, albus having larger flowers in looser umbels.
Happily, this year, it combined with Geranium 'Sirak' a plant that I thought I had lost some time ago, but which has reappeared in this most fortunate location.

Dictamnus albus turkestanicus 'Silent Thunder' (d. tadzhikorum).

Geranium 'Sirak' a G. gracile and G. ibericum cross.


Barry said...

A wonderful partnership indeed. I have always toyed with the idea of adding D.a 'Silent Thunder' to the garden, and after viewing the insipid washed out flowers of B. 'Twilite Prarieblues' wish that I had followed my first instinct. Perhaps there is hope yet! Thanks for the gentle reminder!

cheryl said...

The gasplant! I haven't seen that in ages and even went so far as to light matches in the evening to get it to smoke, alas it never did. Thank you for the memory.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Barry,

Actually I quite like 'Twilite Prarieblues'. I know it doesn't look anything like it's pictures, but it has a subtle beauty.
Plant 'Silent Thunder' asap. It is very slow growing. I've had mine for three years and it now has only three umbels. It looks good but I want twenty more.

Barry Parker said...


I can recommend this variety, and it ignited beautifully. with the aid of a match