Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Plants at My Front Door

Last year I had a rather autocratic message from the UK suggesting that my love of limey, gold and chartreuse plants could lead me down the path to "brassy" tastelessness.

I bristled at this, but tried to ascertain whether this was a fair comment. My critic, perhaps had not taken into account that I live in a completely different environment from her, and that the quality of light and extremes of climate affect our reaction to colour in a different way.

In our hot, humid summers and brilliant sunshine, I find that these yellow/greens are actually cooling and rather than being strident, are very subdued and complimentary to other colours in the garden.
Well, judge for yourself. I'm showing here an arrangement of plants at my front door, which I find very pleasing, A cooling vignette in the last few days of a very hot summer.

Plants at my front door.

Durantia, Angelonia 'Purple Stripe' and purple Callibrachoa.

Coleus 'Fishnet Stockings' and Durantia.


ecoman said...

Bristle away! Your colour combos are superb. Nothing brassy about it.

Is the Wiz said...

Ignore her. Some people are a bit snobby about yellows. I think you have impeccable taste, and love the name 'Fishnet Stockings', it's brill!

danger garden said...

If you're heading down the path then I've already arrived at the "brassiness" destination and set up housekeeping.

Your grouping is gorgeous!

Barry Parker said...

Hi Jonas,
Thanks for those words of support.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Is,

Thanks. Glad you liked 'Fishnet Stockings'.

Barry Parker said...

Hi DG,
'Brassiness' is the only kind of housekeeping that I'm capable of.

Thanks for the kind words.

Garden muses said...


it seems yellow/lime and purple combinations are upsetting/unsettling to some. Whatever. You've succeeded in giving us drama at the door!

Barry said...

Two words, FABULOUSLY CHARTREUSE! I just came in from a morning visit with the 'kids' at the front door, and it would appear that chartreuse and blue have taken up residence for good! There's 'good housekeeping' and then there's exceptional housekeeping, but we mustn't let it go to our heads I guess!

flaneurgardening said...

I think these vibrant hues of greenish yellow are amazing. They would look out of place in many gardens, sure, but I think you pull it off very well.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the show of solidarity. And good luck with your ( equally green/yellow) display at the EX.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Barry,

The nice thing about the cooler nights that we'll be getting more frequently now, is that the blues get blue-er.
Not sure why that happens, it would be interesting to find the scientific reason.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Flaneur,

Glad to hear that you like this combination of colours.
And also glad to have found your blog.

Cassy said...

I truly love the color combination.
very good for my eyes.
So refreshing.

Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Barry Parker said...

Hi Cassy,

Thanks for the comment. Glad to hear that you liked these plants.

cheryl said...

Loved your selection Barry. I too lean into the coolness of yellows in the shade garden mixed with whites and various shades of greens. They give me peace from the wicked heat we've had this year.

Barry Parker said...

Thanks Cheryl, It certainly has been a welcome sight coming home on a hot day.