Thursday, December 15, 2011


I haven't participated in Blooms Day very much in the past, but after an illustrated talk by Dan Benarcik last week at the Toronto Botanical Garden, I'm inspired to copy an idea that is used by Chanticleer Garden to show what's currently in bloom.

So here's my effort, just as they do at Chanticleer Garden, current blooms are floated on a black bowl of water and photographed from the top. In this picture I've got Hellebrus niger 'Praecox' and some little roses. I've filled the display out with some foliage, giving me ideas for a Foliage Day display. Maybe tomorrow?


Is the Wiz said...

How eye-catching, and a lovely way to help count my blessings.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

This is really pretty !
I don't have any blooms in my garden right now .. but I do have a lot of Hellebore that should hopefully look great early Spring .. then I will try this out@

Barry Parker said...

Hi Isabel, A very nice idea isn't it. I'll probably need a bigger bowl in the summer.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Joy,
This is perfect for Hellebores, and also in a pansy ring. If you can find one.