Sunday, December 4, 2011

End of the Season for Salvia leucantha

The unusually mild weather has continued in this part of the world and this has meant plants like Salvia leucantha have continued to bloom and grow into November. However it has finally wilted under the weight of last weeks brief snowstorm, and it's leaves blackened by by several nights of light frost.
Now that it is going into decline, I plan to pot it up and over winter it in my greenhouse.

This unidentified Salvia I saw growing in a garden in my neighbourhood, I was impressed by its intense blue and the contrast with the faded red of the fence. This was taken hours before the snowstorm, so I will be interested to see how it survived.

My interest in Salvias started after seeing this incredible Salvia border at Kew in October 2009. Although they are not hardy here, they are well worth the trouble of wintering over to add interest to the garden in late Summer and Fall.


Jan said...

Oh so beautiful!

Jan said...

Not sure if my comment went through Barry as it has been awhile since I logged on. Anyway the photos are stunning and wonderful to see!

CallieK said...

My Salvia finally went in the compost last week - I had to empty the pots! I still had a tomato outside until the day before that snow fall- crazy long fall this year.

Barry Parker said...

Thanks Jan. Good to hear from you.

Barry Parker said...

Hi CallieK,

Crazy, yes, but I'm living for the moment and enjoying every lingering bit of garden activity.