Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Photo by Michel Lefebvre taken in Quebec City


Is the Wiz said...

Happy holidays to you and yours

Votedwithourforks said...

Merry Christmas Barry and thanks for solving a mystery for me.
I noticed your Serizawa calendar image on the side bar and did some 'googling' as one does. Thankfully the first place I looked at had an image of his signature used on his textiles - it turns out that I have two of his pieces, both picked up in op-shops here in Australia! I am assuming both are furoshiki, one smaller and one larger.
Thank you and Happy 2012!

Barry Parker said...

Hi Isabel,

Thanks for the seasonal greetings.
All the very best to you in 2012

Barry Parker said...

Hello VWOF,

The Serizawa calendars are based on his textile designs.Other than that I know very little about these little calendars, I just love them. I bought my first one in Tokyo in 2005 and have been able to track them down every year (except one)since then. More recently I've found them here in Toronto in a store that specializes in Asian papers. I wish I could send you more information about them