Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Partnership Made in Heaven.

I wish I could claim that this combination of plants was the result of years of experience, but like many successful garden pairings, this was a complete accident.
The slowly maturing gasplant, shown in the first picture is described by one grower as Dictamnus tadzhikorum and by another as Dictamnus albus turkestanicus 'Silent Thunder'. Both agree that it was from seed originally collected by Josef Halda in Tajikistan and distinctly different from D, albus having larger flowers in looser umbels.
Happily, this year, it combined with Geranium 'Sirak' a plant that I thought I had lost some time ago, but which has reappeared in this most fortunate location.

Dictamnus albus turkestanicus 'Silent Thunder' (d. tadzhikorum).

Geranium 'Sirak' a G. gracile and G. ibericum cross.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

For the Record- Polygonatum

This is a record of the Polygonatum I have in my garden. It's mostly a personal reminder, but I hope it will also be of interest to others. This is almost all the species that I have except for P. hookeri which is only just breaking the surface in my trough for shade plants.

Polygonatum curvistylum.

Polygonatum X hybridum 'Striatum' ( odoratum 'Grace Baker').

Polygonatum falcatum ( Silver striped selection).

Polygonatum biflorum.

Polygonatum multiflorum 'Variegatum'.

Polygonatum 'Betburg'.

Polygonatum humile.

Polygonatum odoratum 'Silver Wings'.

Wednesday-Zoom Out (or In).

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Michel's Garden 2011

I go to Montreal several times a year, usually to attend Rendezvous Horticole, the Spring plant sale at the Jardin Botanigue de Montreal held on the last full weekend in May.
Arriving on the Monday, I missed the sale by one day but enjoyed my stay as it involved a number of events including an evening at the theatre, a tour of the theatre district which is undergoing a major rebuilding, a day trip to the great nursery 'Les Jardin Osiris' and finally seeing Michel's garden at its best in early summer.

Polygonatum 'Silver Wings' and pale yellow forms of Uvularia and Hosta.

Dicentra 'Gold Heart', Uvularia and Hosta.

Cypripedium reginae in foreground with Pulmonaria nd Hosta.

Hosta 'Thunderbolt'.

Michel prepares dinner.

My view of the garden while having a drink before dinner.