Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Agaves in Winter

In the Summer I keep all my Agaves on a series of shelves on the third floor deck, I call it my Agave Theatre. Here they can enjoy the great outdoors from late April to late October. If there is a touch of frost at the extremes of this period, I cover them at night and so far they have not suffered from the sudden drop in temperature. They are surprisingly resiliant and in fact a few have survived being left out in the snow. In the Winter the small Agaves go downstairs and are kept under lights, but the larger plants stay on the upstairs in a bright cool window.

Many of my Agaves are unidentified, often they are rescue plants from florists and the dreaded killing fields of the houseplant department of Home Depot.

This is one I can identify, as I found it as a sport offset of Agave angustifolia.

I wish I could identify this one, I bought it in very poor condition from a garden centre and over time I have been rewarded as it grew in vigor into this lovely form.


danger garden said...

It makes me so happy to see an Agave collection so well loved! I'd guess that your beautiful unidentified Agave is A. potatorum.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Loree,

Glad these made you happy, I get the same when I see your plants on your site.
Not sure is the unidentified is A. potatorum as the leaves are very wide and reflexed. It may be a hybrid, and anyway there does seem to be a lot of variation in all the species. It certainly makes these plants interesting.