Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Seed Starting Update

"Planting Out" a linocut by Clare Curtis.
I found this to be a great inspiration to get started

Back on 7th December I posted this image of Pelargonium seed that I collected in the Fall. At that time I also planted some Geranium and Salvia greggii seed. It was an early start, but since all these are tender perennials, I figured they could be grown on indoors for some time ( although I know they will much prefer the Summer sunshine when they are eventually moved outside).

The nice thing about Geranianaceae and Salvia is that they germinate very quickly and you get instant gratification at a time of the year when you most need to see something growing.

This is a Geranium sanguineum seedling emerging after only ten days or so.

I have four Salvia greggii seedlings from seed taken from a hot pink form.

These are Geranium and Pelargonium seedlings. They were collected in a hurry and are unidentified, and should lead to some interesting surprises as they mature.


Valerie Knapp said...

Lovely to see when we're craving green!

Barry Parker said...

It certainly keeps the spirits up.

Barry said...

I am going to try some S.s 'Turkestanica' this year as I really need to have its tall presence in the garden again.

Thanks for visiting, and the reminder about 'Betberg' Maybe we can meet at the NARGS plant sale this year?

Barry Parker said...

Barry, Good luck with the Salvia, I find it germinates very quickly and easy to grow on.

Did you mean the ORGS sale? I'll be there for sure.