Thursday, February 2, 2012

Asarum splendens

Although it's hardy to Zone 5, this year I kept Asarum splendens in a pot and wintered it over in the greenhouse. Last week I noticed that it had set a dozen or so blooms, and so I removed all of last years leaves and have enjoyed the amazing sight of these strange and wonderful flowers open.
I have another Asarum waiting in the wings, A. maximum 'Green Panda' should be the next one to show off its spectacular flowers in the next week or two.
In the meantime, enjoy this zoom in:


Barry said...

Now I want to dig mine up and bring it inside! They are amazing flowers for sure. One of my favourite within the genus. I am interested to see the one 'waiting in the wings'. Based on name alone, it sounds most intriguing!

Barry Parker said...

Hi Barry,

Check out 'Green Panda' in the link in this post. I think you'll be impressed.