Thursday, February 9, 2012


This Hamamelis x intermedia "Jelena' Has been growing in my garden for at least 20 years, and is close to 14' in height and now towers above the nearby fence which is 7'.
It has been beautiful at all stages of its growth, but never more than now, when in the coldest month of the year, it glows in the afternoon sun.
This moment in time has been hard to capture, but I hope this picture comes close to showing this effectively.


Garden muses said...

Nice shot with the backlighting, Barry. It was a tough decision for me between Jelena and Arnold Promise about 10 years ago (I chose the latter) but any variety of hybrid witchhhazel is superb. The genus really offers almost all year interest but I don't see these often in other gardens, sigh.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Paul,

'Arnold Promise' is a good choice, in fact it would have been a good one for me as 'Jelena' is almost the same colour as the leaves on the Beeches in Winter. 'Arnold' would have given a much more satisfying contrast in colour.

What is it with Canadian gardeners? You'd think that everyone would like to have this wonderful show in the middle of Winter.

Helen said...

I've lusted after 'Jelena' for many years. Perhaps this will be the year I do something about it. Someone not far from me has what I think is 'Arnold Promise' in their front yard. The first time I drove by it, I immediately circled the block for a closer look. These are spectacular spring bloomers.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Helen,

Well actually they are winter bloomers. They are regularly in flower this time of year and even earlier if they get a mild day.