Friday, March 16, 2012

Asarums, one , two and three.

Asarum maximum 'Green Panda' came into bloom yesterday, it is the last of the three Asarums that I grow in the greenhouse, and, to my mind, this is the best way to enjoy these exotic flowers up close.
The idea of growing them in pots and under glass came from my garden buddy Erika, who in 2010 boarded her A. 'Green Panda' in my greenhouse for the Winter. I was so impressed by her plant that I've collected more for my own enjoyment.

Asarum maximum 'Green Panda'.

Unidentified, but still very beautiful Asarum #2.

Asarum splendens.


Barry said...

All are gorgeous flowers, but that second one..... sweet jesus!

Barry Parker said...

Hi Barry,

Sweet indeed.
My Hort pal Erika has a wonderful illustrated book on asian Asarums and from this i might be able to identify Asarum #2 and also whet the appetite for future acquisitions.

Caerulean Skies said...

Looking fabulous! Thx for the shout out! Doing a post on mine shortly.