Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Chilly Night.

Oh dear! A cold night with sub-zero temperatures had left the Hellebores looking miserable, they had been flattened by the chilly night air.
Despite the fact that I'd seen this happen before, I was not exactly confident that would recover, and I was relieved to see them regain their posture as the air warmed in the morning sun.
Part of my concern was that they might not regain their good looks in time for my Hellebore Sale on the weekend after next (see details in sidebar), but within hours they were resurrected completely.
The weather forecast predicts warmer weather for the next two weeks, so they should be unaffected by further sub-zero temperatures.

Helleborus 'Pink Frost' got a frosty start to the day.

H. 'Pink Frost' fully recovered as the temperature rose.


LHawthorn said...

Same thing happened to my hellebores. So happy to see them perking up this afternoon. Unfortunately my magnolia stellata was not so lucky - beautiful on the weekend, it was hard hit by two nights of frost and the blooms now look like soggy kleenex...what a pity.

Barry said...

Just goes to show you that the H.niger parentage in Pink Frost is worth its weight in..... frost! I wish the same could be said for H.'Cotton Candy' which was flat when I left for work, and pretty much the same 9 hours later! Here's hoping tomorrow's high of 17 will revitalize it. I shall let people at my Helleborganza seminar on the 4th know of your sale!

Barry Parker said...

Hi Laura,

Sorry to hear about the Magnolia, I had the same thing happen to my Viburnum farreri, which until last night had had been at its most floriferous ever.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Barry,

I hope you'll find 'Cotton Candy' will fully recover eventually, it will certainly benefit from the warmer temps and some Spring rain.

Helen said...

Hope to see you and your loverly hellebores on Sunday, Barry.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Helen,

We were unable to get the volume of quality plants that we had ordered, so come early.