Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's That Time of Year


Paul Jung said...

Nice cloche, Barry. What's it protecting?

Barry Parker said...

Hi Paul,

As you know, we've had some sudden chilly weather lately, and I was protecting some of the Hellebores that have had their old leaves removed ( probably prematurely).
Interestingly, one of the Hellebores is a new hybrid called 'Jade Tiger' which for the last two years has started to bloom early and ends up being damages by frost. It would be interesting to know it's parentage, as perhaps one of them might be a little less than hardy in these parts.

Paul Jung said...

We could see quite a bit of frost damage this spring, it's only mid-March! Hopefully those with magnolias and cherry trees will not be disappointed this year.

Interesting comment on "Jade Tiger"'s possible provenance.

Barry Parker said...

Hi paul,

I see we are going down to 0c tonight, I'd better get out and cover up those hellebores!

Barry said...

I see you are a fan of the O'Byrne Helleborus as well! I too have 'Jade Tiger' and had mine bloom last Fall! I noticed this morning that another within the 'Winter Jewel' series, 'Cotton Candy' has two fat buds. Interesting to learn JT's parentage.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Barry,

Yes I'm a fan of the Winter Jewels, in fact ,at our Hellebore sale last year, they made up the larger part of our stock.
I haven't been able to find 'Jade Star', but maybe it will be available this year. Also, I'd like to find some H. torquatus.