Monday, May 21, 2012

Arum palaestinum

How exciting to find the flowers of Arum palaestinum in bloom, at first I saw the two flowers tucked in amongst the foliage and back-lit by the morning sun; the effect was a glowing ruby-red. Later that day I was able to photograph the same blooms evenly lit and with the foliage held back to reveal the extraordinary structure of the flowers. This is a plant that I grew from seed some years ago and only saw a single bloom last year, and so I'm thrilled to see it continue to thrive.

A. palaestinum back-lit by the morning sun.

Later that day evenly lit by evening light.


Hallerlake said...

Is that a black skunk cabbage? Where does one get seeds?

Barry Parker said...

Hi Hallerlake,

This is the problem with common names, there are a number of plants called Skunk Cabbage and the two that come to mind are Symplocarpus foetidus ( Eastern Skunk Cabbage) and Lysichiton americanus ( Western Skunk Cabbage). Both these are in the Araceae Family, also referred to as the Arum Family. In both plants as well as my Arum palaestinum the flowers are called spadix.
The seed I got from the seed exchange from the Ontario Rock Garden and Hardy Plant Society.