Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Sense of Scale

I'm very fond of Geraniums (did I mention this before?). I tolerate them self seeding all over the place, and by being selective in my choice of species and varieties, as well as being a ruthless editor, I've managed to find a place for a large number of my favourites.
Of those favourites, the small 'rock garden' types such as G. cinereum and G. argenteum are the most difficult to place.To look their best they need lots of sunlight, and they can easily be overwhelmed by any larger plants surrounding them, and it was this in mind that several years ago I came up with the idea of making a trough large enough to hold a collection of the small Geraniums.

This is the Geranium trough newly minted.

I filled the bottom with crocks and rubble.

I added some gravel and placed rocks.

This is how it looked when it was first planted.

This is how it looks today, now moved to an even sunnier location.

Geranium x lindavicum 'Apple Blossom'.

Geranium argenteum.

Geranium cinereum 'Alice'.

I've also been able to grow the smaller Geraniums in the ground at the edge of a gravel pathway, here Geranium sessiliflorum ( with the dark brown foliage) self-seeds around and seems to thrive in the inhospitable location.

Geranium sessiliflorum.


danger garden said...

I love it! I'm not always a fan of this style of planting, it can go a little too far over to the "precious" side of things, but yours is very nice!

Barry Parker said...

Hi Loree,

Well they are a little precious, I must admit. But they are all tough as nails and seem to sail through the coldest of winters.

LHawthorn said...

Your geranium trough looks super, what a great way to grow the more difficult smaller types. I went through a mad love affair with geraniums several years ago, lost so many that I'm down to a few reliables - phaeum, sanguineum, sylvaticum cultivars. Anything new that you consider a 'must have'?

Barry Parker said...

Hi Laura,

The only "new" geranium that I'm on the lookout for is 'Crystal Lake'. I keep seeing pictures of it, but so far it seems to be unavailable in these parts.
But the old reliables are great, I wouldn't be without G. sylvaticum 'Amy Doncaster' and 'Sirak'. "Nimbus' is a great plant for filling holes in the border.

James Missier said...

What a lovely collection of geraniums - looking good in the rock garden concept.
I had seen geraniums in my place & found that the leaves are fragrant.
(but rare flowers though - guess they don't do so well in the tropics)

Elke said...

Catherine Bush dropped off a very healthy 'Elke' that she found at Fiesta. I'm hoping she'll thrive.