Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Super Plant Sale on May 6th.

A number of visitors to my garden last month were interested in Hedera helix 'Gold Heart'; it grows on a west facing wall outside my kitchen window and always looks impressive this time of year when fresh new foliage appears amongst the older, but still handsome leaves.
We promised them then that there would be some available this month, and I'm glad to let them know that we are donating our cuttings for sale at the Ontario Rock Garden and Hardy Plant Society (ORG&HPS) Super Plant Sale at the Toronto Botanical Garden on Sunday May 6th.

Hdera helix 'Gold Heart' cutting waiting to be potted up.

Some of the plants in my garden being donated to the Super Plant Sale.


Barry said...

After spending last Friday at Lost Horizons with Deborah, its a wonder I have an inch of space left, but indeed I do! Looking forward to finally meeting you and tagging up with Deborah again!

Barry Parker said...

Se you there!

Angela said...

Great idea and extremely generous!

Jennifer said...

How did I miss this sale? I visited Edwards Gardens on the weekend. I guess I was too distracted by all the beautiful bulbs on display.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Angela,
It was a great success, and a good way to support the society.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Jennifer,
What a pity you missed the Sale. There were a number of Southern Ontario garden bloggers present, some I met in person for the first time.