Friday, June 22, 2012

The Bells, The Bells!

I know some people who would look with scorn at the subject of my last post. Clematis 'Cassis' is, for them, too overbred, too complex and in the worst possible taste. For them, the simplicity of the species, unmixed with the genes of others, is the only choice.
I am unrepentant in my love of the big and bold and complex structure of double flowers, I also have to admit to loving with equal affection the unaffected beauty of species as well as the inherited qualities of the 'primary hybrids'. Since we are in the middle of Clematis season here are some of my favourites.

Clematis adisonii ,a species found in the mountains of Virginia , USA.

The lovely seedhead of C. addisonii.

Clematis 'Odoriba', a C. viorna x C.crispa cross.

Clematis 'Sonnette', derived from C. viorna. In the UK it is known as 'Peveril Peach'.

Clematis 'Harlow Carr', Clematis on the Web mentions that the origin is withheld by hybridizer, but it must have C. integrifolia as one of its parents.

Clematis 'Betty Corning', thought to be C. crispa x viticella.


AaronVFT said...

I prefer complex, huge and vibrant flowers over the simple pure ones, but both are beautiful in their own way. I love bell-shaped flowers, but there aren't that many or common in the tropics.

Barry said...

...and I on the other hand love the simplicity of the species myself. There is something magical about the frilled skirts of C.'Mrs Harvey' or the arching stems and dainty flowers of C.heracleifolia that win out hands down over the more 'complex' ones that you mention.

Barry Parker said...

Aaron, I suppose all plants and flowers are "complex" and , as you say, beautiful in their own way.
I know you live in the tropics, but are you on a higher elevation like the highlands?

Barry Parker said...

Hi Barry, strictly speaking Mrs H. is a hybrid, although a primary cross between two species. I tend to like those. C. 'Sonnette', which bloomed for me the first time this year, is proving to be a good one.

nicole roy said...

Hi Barry
Question where could I get Clematis adisonii? Could I get a cutting for you? Also I am looking for Clematis tibetana it's a hard one to find. I want it for the winter interest it's seedhead stick around for the winter

Hoover Boo said...

I do think 'Harlow Carr' is partially integrifolia, because mine hated it here, as that species does. I like the big doubles too, but they also do not like my climate!

Barry Parker said...

Hi Nicole,
I could certainly share some C. addisonii seed with you. Depending, of course on where you live. If you can let me know your whereabouts via this site, I will not publish the info.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Hoover B.,
Yes I think integrifolia is in the mix with 'Harlow Carr'.
It doesn't climb and relies on a wire obelisks ( and some tying from me ) to stay upright. Whatever else is in its parentage gives it flowers that are much larger than integrifolia.