Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Keeping Cool Under Pressure.

It's been a hot dry Summer and for the last few months it seems that I've been constantly pouring water onto the garden just to keep things alive.
However it's slowly occurring to me that the most successful plants are those that have survived all on their own with little help from me.
Thankfully we got a lot of rain today, but I will not forget that the plants that were the least dependant on me for water, were perhaps, the most rewarding. Newly planted Hydrangeas were likely to wilt in the heat of the day, but older more established shrubs like H. "Limelight' were no trouble at all. In fact along with Catalpa bignoides 'Aurea', it was unaffected by the worst of the midday heat and humidity, and provided, visually at least, a calm and cool vignette.


LHawthorn said...

Lovely picture, limey green is so fresh and cool. Interesting comments on hydrangea considering they're supposed to need a lot of water. I too have been watering like mad so not sure how my hydrangeas would have done without it. Although, come to think of it, they never showed any wilt even on the hottest days. Hmmmmm.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Laura,
'Limelight' didn't seem to need much watering and has looked good all Summer, however another Hydrangea that was transplanted near it was often wilting in the sun and needed constant irrigation. So because of this I was supposing that well established shrubs tolerate the drought better than the recently planted.