Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pelargoniums Species.

My hybrid Pelargoniums have been in flower for weeks, they are, in fact, blooming machines. This is problem for some gardeners I know,who grow them for their spectacular foliage and strip away the flowers as soon was they appear.
The same gardeners would not find the same problem with the species Pelargoniums, they have recently have come into bloom and although they are generally less floriferous than their interbred relatives, they can be admired for the subtle beauty of their fantastic flowers.
Here are some of the species that I have in my garden at the moment:

Pelargonium dasyphyllum.

Pelargonium enlicherianum.

Pelargonium sidoides


Caerulean Skies said...

P. endlicherianum is my favourite, such an unusual flower. I also grow P. sidoides which has lovely crimson red flowers.

Matt said...

This reminds me to get more Pelargoniums for my greenhouse again - at least, more summer blooming species. Thanks!

Barry Parker said...

Hi Erika and Matt,
Glad to hear from two serious growers about these somewhat out of favour plants.
Very happy that you share my love of this genus.