Monday, August 6, 2012

Cartoon Flowers

I am posting again a picture of a yellow and white striped Calibrachoa, a flower that looks to me to have been created by a confectioner or an artist from the studios of Disney or Warner Brothers.
Its otherworldly looks seem to belong to the super-real world of Animation,which relies on an exaggerated visual interpretation of real life in order to give it a believablity and to hold the interest of its audience.
At least I hope that is the case or perhaps it's just that the majority in the west are blind to the complexities of the plant world and have reduced flowers and trees to crude caricatures.
By contrast it was interesting to see in Ghibli Studios new feature film Arietty how Japanese artists had rendered the natural world in the background art of this film, where flowers were recognizable and almost botanically correct and still avoided the realism that can deaden the imagined world of Animation.

The striped Calibrachoa that a follower cleverly described as a "Circus Flower".

A scene in Ghibli Studios Arietty in which Marigolds grow happily alongside Corn Poppies.


Stiletto said...

Love this unusual flower and your interesting post on animation and realism.

Barry Parker said...

Thanks Stiletto!

James Missier said...

It looked exactly like a reversed colours of a morning glory.

Barry Parker said...

Hi James,

Glad you liked this. Happy to get two comments from Malaysia!

Paul Jung said...


leave it to you to connect Calibrachoa and one of my favourite anime studios and directors! Thank you!

You may want to check out Princess Mononoke for further excellent animation.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Paul,
"Spirited Away" has the most breathtaking floral and garden scenes. It is anyway a masterpiece of classical animation.