Monday, October 1, 2012

Greeks Bearing Flowers

It's Cyclamen Time in the greenhouse, and my collection, all started from seed in 2006, have matured into spectacular flowering machines. Presently, the species that are Fall flowering are the centre of attention, they are mostly C. hederifolium, but also C. mirabile, C. cilicium and C. alpinum. The favourite, at the moment, is C. graecum: they are not as large as their cousins as I was slow to realize the beauty of this species, and as a result they remained growing congested in a single pot before potting them up separately in 2010. Since then they have grown into lovely plants and the four that I selected as specimen plants finally bloomed for the first time this year. One of "The Greeks" has a beautiful dark pink flower, but it's the foliage that is the most striking thing about this species; I wish my photography could do them justice, and I hope these pictures will give some idea of the loveliness of this species.
A long shot of my little greenhouse, with the Cyclamen taking over most of the bench space.

The four C. graecum.
The best of the flowers on these plants
Foliage of the same plant.
Foliage of the second plant.
Foliage of the third plant.
Foliage of the fourth plant.


AaronVFT said...

Cyclamens are gorgeous, but they die so easily here. Your collection is marvelous!

NellJean said...

What a successful year you've had! I didn't realize the flowers came ahead of the leaves, only having seen cyclamen in a nursery, fully grown.

Barry Parker said...

Hello Aaron and NellJean,

Thanks for your comments. Since you wrote, I've edited this post to show better pics of the foliage. Hope you enjoy these too.

Melanie said...

It's interesting how their foliage all looks so different. Reading that you grew them from seed makes me excited to try too. Where did you buy the seed?

Barry Parker said...

Hi Melanie,

That's the exciting thing about all the Cyclamen species, they are all unique and the variance seems endless. I got my seed from the Cyclamen Society in the UK. They have a very good seed exchange at a very reasonable cost, Certainly worth joining for this alone.

Melanie J Watts said...

Thanks Barry. I'll look into it.