Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cyclamen Foliage

I was happy to see Joseph Tychonievich's enthusiastic post about Cyclamen, and in particular  his love of the diverse markings and shapes of C. herifolium.  I too find extraordinary the degree of variety in these plants, and like Joseph, I have a fondness for the elongated lance shaped leaves that show up occasionally in pots of seed grown hederifolium. This is not to underrate the others that conform to the usual five point ivy-like shape, as these too, are among my favourites when they also have wonderful markings and textures.

C. hederifolium with silver,  lance-shaped leaves.

Lance-shaped leaves with typical C. hederifolium markings.

Lance-shaped leaves with light green centre graduating to a darker edge.

Silver leaves with less elongated form.

Ivy shaped leaves with a striking silver and green markings.

A more conventional leaf shape, but with beautiful markings.

Another Ivy-shaped leaf with very distinct markings.


Larry said...

These are amazing... are these pictures of your seedlings? Just beautiful! Larry

Barry Parker said...

Thanks Larry, actually all these plants I grew from seed and are now 7 years old

Barry said...

One of those instances where one ponders which is more beautiful - the foliage or the flower. In many of these cases, my vote goes to the remarkable foliage! You have a wonderful collection!

Barry Parker said...

Hi Barry,
and to think that I now have months of pleasure enjoying them in the greenhouse.

Clement Kent said...

I presume the plants being old is why they are sending up leaves at the edge of the pot? Is there a single large corm under the gravel which has filled the pot?


Barry Parker said...

Hi Clement,

You are absolutely right! And Yes there is only one tuber per pot. Sadly one of these has been eaten away by vine weevil shortly after I photographed it.