Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Viola grypoceras

I was surprised today to see Viola grypoceras growing in a pot containing a large Agave. They were quite brilliant in the sun, and although they were very leggy, the flowers were large and very prettily coloured. 
 They had self seeded around the Agave, and having gone through a dry period had dried to a crisp. For the last few months I had forgotten all about them, but now had obviously responded to the watering I had given the pot only days before. 
The irony is that I find V. grypoceraas a bit of a weed, and in my garden a bit of a disappointment, I rarely see them in flower and when I do they are almost inconspicuous., they do however still produce lots of seed and are always present in the garden cropping up in the most unexpected places.  
Leggy Viola grypoceras growing around an Agave .

Although they were very leggy, the flowers were unusually large.


Caerulean Skies said...

What a pretty little leaf!

LauraH said...

What a lovely little "accident".

Barry Parker said...

Hi Erika and Laura,

The fact that it was unexpected made it worth writing about, otherwise I would not recommend introducing this plant into your garden. it comes up everywhere and and since it is the favourite salad green of slugs and snails, it never looks good. It was nice to see these nice large flowers, but now this will be followed with lots of seed!

Unknown said...

Can you tell me what kind of agave that is? Love the dark edges on the leaves. I'm happy to find another person growing agaves in a northern climate. :)