Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Flower for Every Month

In the comparatively mild climate of Somerset in the UK, Margery Fish was able to find a flower every day in her garden at East Lambrook Manor, and as a result, her book A Flower for Every Day was first published in 1958.
Although I live in what is laughingly called the banana-belt of Southern Ontario, I fear I can't do the same, but by taking broader strokes and taking advantage of the plants I grow in my cool greenhouse, I can manage a flower a month:
January. Viburnum farreri.

February. Cyclamen coum.

March. Crocus tommasinianus.

April. Pulsatilla vulgaris.

May. Ranunculus ficaria.

June. Clematis 'Cassis'

July. Pelargonium  'Mrs. Kingsley'.

August. Scadoxus multiflorus.

September. Tricyrtis hybrid.

October. Saxifragia fortunii hybrid.

November. Helleborus niger 'Praecox'.

December. Narcissus romieuxii.


Lynne Cherot said...

Living in the other warm belt of Canada, the Okanagan Valley of southern BC, I relate totally. I really wold like to get a small green house, any suggestions?

LauraH said...

What can I say, I am drooling over these photos (in a good way of course). The clematis is just stunning, now on my 'want' list, joining the saxifraga and bessara from earlier posts. The pink pulsatilla is so beautiful, did you grow it from seed? And I love the splashiness of the daylily, Reggie has a similar hybrid that I covet, I'll send you a picture.
Good to see you posting again - Happy New Year!

Barry Parker said...

Hi Lynne, I would definitely recommend getting a greenhouse. Mine is quite compact ( 7'x 13') but can hold a lot of plants.
The process of getting built was sheer HELL, but once the terrible contractor was off the property, it has been absolute bliss.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Laura,
Glad you liked my choice, the pulsatilla is one of the 'Papageno' strain and it and others are seeding around a bit, producing, so far, welcome additions.
Happy New Year!

kilbournegrove said...

love seeing a year of flowers from your garden. Looking forward to your arrival.
Deborah xo

Paul Jung said...

Hi Barry,

love that V. farreri! Those of us living near the lake (Ontario) have the good fortune of gaining a zone. Nice to see that it is possible to have colour during dreary January and February.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Deborah, Looking forward to seeing you soon. xx

Barry Parker said...

Hi Paul,
I may have cheated a bit there, but it's not uncommon for the V. farreri to open up on a mild January day. The greenhouse is however always interesting at this time of the year.

hortmomma said...

Lovely selection. How fabulous to have blooms in Jan. & Feb. But where is September's bloom?

Barry Parker said...

Hi Hortmamma,

Thanks for pointing out that Sept was missing. I'll add it now.