Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cyclamen, The Late Bloomers.

Cyclamen libonoticum is usually the last of this genus to bloom in my greenhouse, it is well worth waiting for as it is one of the most beautiful with flowers that gradate from light to dark pink at the tip of its petals that have been likened to 'drowsy butterflies'. The tubers are small and can be grown in containers in small groups, the flowers seem to be uniform in shape and colour, but there is some variation in the leaf markings.

Cyclamen libanoticum.
 There was a flurry of postings a few months ago praising the foliage of Cyclamen hederifolium, and quite rightly so, as this species has some of the most distinct and endlessly variable foliage in the genus. It is also the earliest of the cyclamen to come out of dormancy and to produce flowers, but at the other end of the scale, the late bloomers of the subgenus Psilanthum, are, for me, also praiseworthy. This group includes C. repandum and its relatives. I grow a few including C. balearicum and C. peloponnesiacum. Their flowers are small and modest but are said to be very fragrant and the foliage have lovely markings, usually flecked with silver or grey in patterns less distinct than C. hederifolium, but none the less attractive.
Cyclamen balearicum a modest flower that is said to be very fragrant.

Cyclamen baleaicum, a young plant with interesting foliage.

Cyclamen balearicum foliage has endless variation.

A few plants in this pan of Cyclamen peloponnesiacu
have some very nice marking on their leaves.

A seedling of Cyclamen repandum showing some nice foliage.

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