Friday, February 8, 2013

Huntes Gardens, Barbados

Huntes Gardens in Barbados had been given rave reviews by David Leeman who had spent last winter on the island, he went as far as to say it was the best tropical garden that he'd ever seen. So it was with great expectations that we visited it last week in the late evening with just hours to explore before the sun went down. I'm glad to say that David was not exaggerating, Huntes Gardens was an fantastic place that had been artfully put together with extraordinary taste and artistry. Part of the success of this garden is the choice of site which is a huge sink-hole created by the collapse of an underground cave. This has provided a natural amphitheatre for the staging of imaginative planting and the creation of numerous seating areas as one descends into the deep cavity. It was hard to believe that this was all started only six years ago, when all that existed in this place were some splendid mature palms and a mass of overgrowth. We later we were able to meet with Anthony Hunte the owner and creator of Huntes Gardens  and to spend some time chatting to him over some delicious rum punch.
This gives you some idea of the scale of the garden and the size of the mature palms.
Bromiliads were well suited to the site and came in every shape and colour.

Colour and texture was artfully combined. 

An unusual form of Caladium, turned the ordinary into the extraordinary.

 The clever use of texture brightened even the darkest corner.

How's this for a living coffee table?

Nothing was left to chance, this was a truly artful combination.


David Leeman said...

great pics.....that was a wonderful trip to show you what i was raving about.....

Barry Parker said...

Yeah, you were right, better than anything I saw in South East Asia, even.

Stiletto said...

The plants are lush and cleverly put together. Truly amazing.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Stiletto,
Glad you liked these pictures. Happy New Year!

gardenbre said...

Beautiful. Great find David!