Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cut Flowers

I'm not a great fan of cut flowers, and unless something breaks accidentally in the garden, I rarely bring flowers into the house. The exception being at this desolate end of the Winter when something snaps inside me and I just have to  see flowers in bloom. 
It's for this reason that I  couldn't resist picking up a bunch of  flamboyant Parrot Tulips to go with the snowdrops, Eranthus, Hellebores and Pelargoniums that sit in the kitchen window looking out into the greenhouse. 
It all adds up to a mixed bag of flora, some hitting your eye as soon as you walk into the room and others, small and more subtle have to be viewed close up to get the full effect of their intricate beauty.

Charles Darwin presides over this little arrangement of flowers.

My taste ranges from this blazing Parrot Tulip.... this tiny Pelargonium flower.

Temperatures way below 0C, but this Eranthus opens up indoors.

These Galanthus elwesii have been lurking
 around all Winter, get a jump on Spring indoors.


Helen said...

Barry, My Galanthus haven't even opened yet! Soon, please.

You've also been inspiring me to plant Eranthis -- why I haven't yet, I don't know.

Sarah and I have very fond memories of our gran's parrot tulips in Rhyl. She'd put in hundreds of bulbs each year. I need to follow more closely in her footsteps.

danger garden said...

Those bright tulips seem just the thing to help keep your mind off those horrid temperatures!

Barry Parker said...

Helen, I might be able to give you some Eranthus. I need to thin them out a bit.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Loree,
You've no idea how tantalizing the idea of Spring is here, we can feel it in the air, but nobody has thought of turning up the heat

Gardeningbren said...

Wherever did you find the small sculpture of Charles Darwin. I have his photo in my ...summerhouse/red shed (sorry it doesn't have a firm identity)). I loved your arrangement.

Hopped to your blog re Sarah's post about Canada Bloom.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Gardeningbren,

Actually it's a postcard of the sculpture of Darwin at the natural History Museum in London. Thanks for your comments.