Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hamamelis x intermedia 'Jelena'.

I have a large twenty-odd year old Witch hazel, which at this time of year is a wonderous sight. It's limbed up to about 6 feet and must be close to 12 feet in height. It has been in flower now for over a month and with a few degrees of sunshine, glows in the winter garden.  I only wish I could take a picture that would capture extraordinary beauty;  Why isn't it more popular in this climate where January and February seem endless?
A close-up look at the flowers of Hamamelis x intermedia 'Jelena'.

This was taken today and shows the scale the witch hazel.

I took this last year when it was illuminated by a late afternoon sun.


Paul Jung said...

Hi Barry,

I always like to see your Jelena in bloom. My "Arnold Promise" isn't limbed up like yours, more sprawling but still a blooming machine since January.

I suspect that part of Hamamelis' relative scarcity in Toronto gardens is the higher cost (not quickly propagated) and consumer ignorance, to be blunt.

The average homeowner and landscape contractor will almost always go for the cheap and fast fill; hence, the lovely overuse of Euonymus and Thuja we see throughout the city.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Paul,
I think in this case we have to be blunt.
If you have a moment drop by and take a look at Jelena.

LauraH said...

Your 'Jelena' is gorgeous. My 'Arnold Promise' is just starting to bloom. Wish I had room for 'Jelena' as well, wouldn't that be a wonderful combination? Interesting to see how you've pruned your tree. Mine is about 12 years old and is basically an open vase shape. Marion has some photos of how they're pruned in John Massey's garden - more shrub-like, highlighting the twisty stems.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Laura,

I think the vase shape is probably a more natural form, but I just don't have the room for this in my garden, so I decided to limb it up. It looked a bit odd for a year or two, but now I think it's a very successful solution to having such a mature tree in a limited space.

Larry said...

Here's hoping I live long enough to see my Jelena achieve that kind of size! Larry

Barry Parker said...

Hi Larry,
This is probably the only time in my life that I've shown such foresight!

Barry said...

It is part of my new agenda at the new garden centre to remind my clients of the beauty of Hamamelis - but come to think of it, I do not grow it either..... in its stead I have Corylopsis spicata. Guess one in glass houses should be careful of the stones they want to lob at the general public.

Barry Parker said...

Hey Barry,

Glad you're championing Hamamelis, and feel sure that you'll get one yourself eventually ( Don't leave it too long if you want a well established one).
Great to see you posting again.

Helen said...

Every year, I admire your 'Jelena' and think that I need to plant my namesake here.

Barry Parker said...

Dear Jelen,

Yes you must do that.